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5 Ways to Protect You and Your Computer from Malware and Viruses


Keep and eye out.
The old adage "if it looks to good to be true" is still true on the web. Do not click on links to buy something you know costs $500 for only $20 - things from China are cheap but not that cheap. Be wary when clicking off the beaten path.


Install a quality Antivirus (AV)
We recommend ESET AV as they protect you against 99% of viruses while others only protect up to 98% they are within the range you would expect to pay and we have had no issues with the software overstepping its boundaries and blocking software on the local computer that it shouldn't.


Keep you AV up to date.
And you need to make sure it is actually up to date. Do not defer update, upgrades of other as it will come back to bite you.


Keep your computer up to date. 
The same for above should be applied to your computer. Do not tell your computer to reboot later or any of the other tricks you have for not installing updates (just leaving it turned on). Some of the latest ransomware could have been stopped if people just installed their windows and other programs updates.


Backup your Data
You should be backing up a copy of your files every day whether personal or business the most basic backup you can do is to backup your files only. We have backup plans that start from $20 per month for personal use up to $80 for business data and if you are only worried about your photos we recommend Google Photos which is more than just backup.

Ransomware Protection

Keep an eye out.
As always keep an eye out. Watch out for "phishing" scams been sent from emails addresses that look like the AFP, ATO or Australia Post. These emails are the most usual message for people to infect their computer systems.

Backup, Backup, Backup
If you are lucky enough to be a business with a server, even a small one, you can use snapshots to recover your data if encrypted and also use a cloud backup system to backup your server and data to the cloud away from your infected computers. 

Proactive Protection
PineSeed can supply software to monitor your computer 24/7 and protect against malware, virus, and ransomware. The software used is able to detect suspicious behavior and stop the offending program in its tracks before it infects your computer. This protection starts from $132 per year per computer and stops the infection before it gets onto your computer.

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