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PineSeed offer IT services that can be tailored, depending on the particular needs and budget of any organisation, by using our expertise, experience, and ability to deliver excellence in every task we carry out. Hire one of our techs for a minimum 3-hour block every day, week, month - whatever suits. In this way, you will be able to make sure your IT requirements and changes have been completed properly while making use of the reduced hourly rate for the block of time.

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Our Services

Any IT service you can think of in your time block

Need an excel spreadsheet formated and formulated for easier calculations in your business?

Need group or one on one training for a particular software application or feature of an application?

Need to setup Google Analytics on your website to track the type of visitors and their interested to better target your preferred sales demographic.

Your normal hourly rate reduced by 25% for your block of time.

Need an IT audit of all your device to see where they are and what they are doing so you have a better idea of what to upgrade and decommission?


Thankyou PineSeed, We have learnt so much and ready to make some changes for the better in how we complete some of our tasks - Andrew


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Did you know that we provide great IT support for Businesses of all sizes with onsite visits?
We also offer onsite mobile computer repairs for all our home users as well!