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Laptop Special
Looking for laptops that are actually worth the money you pay for them.
Click "Read more" for our specials.
Small Business Managed Services Special
Small Business Special includes ESET Antivirus, Cloud Backup, Remote Support and Managed Cloud Email. We will tailor a price for your business - contact us so we can visit your site and provide a very competitive quote.
Home User Special
Let us secure your device, remove any viruses, setup your new PC or do a cleanup. Standard call out fee is $99. Discounts on ESET antivirus to protection your laptop, desktop, MAC.
New Laptop
Old laptop died? Click "Read More" and see some of our specials.

Business Managed IT

March, April, May - Discounts on setup fees for small business managed IT services. Contact us so we can visit your site and provide an audit of your IT environment and a very competitive quote.

Our support is as close as a phone call. We provide a solution to resolve complex challenges.

Managed IT

New infrastructure, moving to cloud based systems, expanding business locations - we can help with anything.

We come to your house and see what else could be causing your issues. So many times we find that a dodgy cable or dying router is the issue - if not we will start the mending process!

IT for Home

We will come in and quickly audit your network so we know what is connecting to it and where. Our professional technicians can advise you on any needed upgrades to keep the service just as you want.

We can backup your unlimited business data in case of disaster.

Cloud Backup

Backup unlimited data to the cloud.

We come to you - where the problem is! This way we can easily diagnose the problem with your setup.

Home Computer Services

Our IT professionals can quickly see what else is going on around your house - dodgy cables, something not plugged in correctly or at all, it may not be your computer causing issues at all!

New laptops, Desktops, Tablets and Servers.

Hardware Sales

Talk to use about your requirements so we can find the best fit and best deal for you.

What happens when your business bursts into flames or an employee lose a laptop?

Disaster Planning and Recovery

Let us minimise downtime and maximise data recovery!

Jobs Completed

Converted a DVD to DCP format for a private viewing in the Strand Cinema Toowoomba.
Diagnosed hardware fault with provided laptop. Build MYOB AO and migrate data to the new laptop.
Server died, recovered data and rebuilt on new server the next day. No loss of POS data.
Malware Threats Release Everyday
New apple apps released everyday
Computers in the world

Things You Should Know When Fixing Your Computer

At some point in time, the computer we use malfunctions; this is a sign that it needs repair. A lot people think that hiring an expert computer technician to repair their computer is too expensive and not actually worth that much. However, if you take a really look at it, Getting a professional computer technician can be more affordable than you initially thought.

An Expert Professional Computer Repair Costly Options:

DIY- Many people try the Do-It-Yourself options of fixing their computers themselves, and most times this attempt of amateur computer repair often ends up badly. Literally, when computer users try to repair the PC themselves the result is that it gets even worse. Don’t try the do it yourself options since you are not familiar with computers issue fixing.

Get a smarter friend to help – At times this option may work, and only if your friend is a licensed computer technician, else it might not turn out well for you.  Even if the person is a bit smarter than you regarding computers, his or her knowledge might not be enough; they could end up tinkering with your computer and issues might get worse.

These options to expert computer repair aren’t the best, are they? If you really needed to get your computer repaired fast and without any stress then hire a professional to do the repair for you. You will find one that has an affordable service and it will interest you to find how fast and efficient it could be.While finding an affordable computer repair expert may seem easy, finding one that offers quality service can be tricky.

Here are some tips to help with your search:

Warranty Repair- Reputable computer repair technicians or companies will give a warranty on their repair services; probably for a period of 2 weeks. So, just in case any problem occurs again within the warranty period, you can take it back to the computer repair company and they’ll fix it at no extra charge.

On-site repair – The computer repair company should have on-site repair technician because they understand that your computer may contain all your personal data which needs to be stored properly and kept secured whilst fixing your computer. If they do not understand this then leave to another place for repairs.

Job Quotations - All reputable computer technicians or companies will give out a clear detailed quotation for the repair service before the repair is done. This quotation usually comprises the cost of parts and labour. Requesting a price quotation before starting repair will ensure that you won’t be surprised with the huge bills when you return to pick up your computer

When you come across a computer repair shop with the above features, and more, then be relaxed and know that your computer is in good hands. Its better spending a couple of bucks for computer repair than doing it yourself and end up with more damages; at least you can be sure that your computer will get fixed.

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Have an electronic device, controller or other and don't know who to contact - call now.
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